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The Bahamas is a premier international financial and banking centre with strong historical and financial connections to many large international financial institutions and commercial undertakings. The firm has had substantial experience as advisors on all Bahamian aspects of commercial cross border transactions, including financings, mergers and acquisitions.

Attorneys have substantial experience as advisers on all Bahamian aspects of such financing projects, including:

  • syndicated loan agreements
  • swap agreements
  • International Swap Dealers Association agreements
  • International Foreign Exchange agreements
  • Re-invoicing agreements
  • Bond issues
  • Security interests
  • Credit transactions
  • Share purchase agreements

The firm’s experience and capacity to provide timely and exemplary service are buttressed by its well established relationships with leading law firms in New York, London and other international commercial centres, and its association with Terralex, a global network of independent law firms.

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David J. Hanna
Corey Brown
Alexandra T. Hall
Philip C. Dunkley, Q.C.
Surinder Deal
Sharmon Y. Ingraham
Andre Hill
Ja’Ann M. Major
Lori C. Nelson
Kamala Richardson
N. Leroy Smith
Nia G. Rolle

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