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Higgs & Johnson has over 50 years of experience in offshore and onshore Trusts and Foundations. We are industry leaders in offshore and onshore trusts, Private Trust Companies (PTCs), Purpose Trusts and Foundations for families, high net worth individuals and fiduciaries. We are accustomed to liaising with legal advisors based in other jurisdictions to ensure tax efficient trust structures, and have considerable experience in estate planning and asset protection.


Clients of Higgs & Johnson can be assured of having their matters handled by highly qualified Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEPs).

We have a wealth of experience in offshore and onshore trusts and are well versed in trust litigation. Having played an integral role in the amendment and updating of such legislation, including the abolition of the rule against perpetuities. We are counsel to many leading Trust Companies in The Bahamas, advising in a broad range of trust matters from the preparation of complex private trusts for high net worth individuals and businesses to intricate matters of trust administration.

We are accustomed to liaising and working with offshore legal advisors to ensure tax efficient trust structures and have substantial experience in Asset Protection Trusts.

The Firm provides a full range of services and, to this end, the Trust and Litigation groups work together on contentious or potentially contentious matters to provide a comprehensive service. These services include advice on and drafting of:

  • fiduciary structures, including fixed or discretionary trusts (testamentary or inter vivos)
  • variation and rectification of trusts


Higgs & Johnson is an industry leader in Purpose Trusts and Foundations. The firm has assisted in the formation of numerous foundations and played an instrumental role in the drafting of Amendments to the Foundations Act.

Private Trust Companies

The main purpose of a PTC is to act as trustee of a specific trust or, in some cases, a group of trusts.

  • PTCs can provide families with a greater level of control over trust administration.
  • PTCs may appeal to persons desiring to add an extra layer of confidentiality regarding their financial affairs.
  • PTCs can also lower the potential legal exposure of the professional trustee and even solve any trustee succession issues as PTCs have the advantage of perpetual life and can serve as trustee indefinitely.

PTCs are not ideal for every client but can offer significant advantages for high net worth individuals seeking trust services. A partner of the firm served as a consultant and played an active role in the drafting process of PTC legislation, adopted in December 2006 to enhance the range of financial services offered in The Bahamas.

Wills & Probate

Higgs & Johnson has helped numerous high net worth individuals, business owners, professionals, and retirees and their families carefully prepare estate or trust documentation to make sure that even the most complex personal and family needs are met.

Additionally, the firm has probated or administered thousands of estates, where the deceased was resident inside or outside of The Bahamas. A partner was much involved in the production of the Probate and Administration of Estates Act, 2011, which governs non-contentious probate proceedings.

The services include:

  • preparation and execution of wills and codicils
  • applications for probate and letters of administration
  • resealing of foreign wills
  • contentious probate applications
  • estate planning and administration


Services include:

  • applications for citizenship and residence
  • work permit applications
  • renewals


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