Higgs & Johnson is a member of TerraLex — a global network of 135 top independent law firms with more than 25,000 attorneys located in 100 countries.

TerraLex affiliates/correspondent firms include the leading law firms in in G20 countries, Latin America and the Caribbean.

One of our partners was named TerraLex Lawyer of the Year (2014)
and is a former Director Emeritus, having served as a director from 2005-2014.

  • TerraLex: A Proud Heritage

    Higgs & Johnson is a proud member of TerraLex (a worldwide network of independent law firms).

    Indeed, the history and leadership of TerraLex are closely interwoven with the firm’s own history and development. Higgs & Johnson was one of the founding members of TerraLex, joining on 16 August 1991.

    During this period, Higgs & Johnson attorneys have also served in various leadership capacities within the TerraLex organisation. In the early years, Peter Higgs, devoted countless hours and served as the Regional Co-Vice Chair for the Caribbean & Central America from 1995-2003. Higgs & Johnson therefore undoubtedly owes a huge debt of gratitude to Peter for its strong TerraLex foundation.

    How fitting that the leadership baton should then be passed to Co-Managing Partner, Surinder Deal, whose stellar service and hard work over the many years since that time have taken the firm’s relationship with TerraLex to greater heights. Surinder has served as Regional Vice Chair for the Caribbean & Central America from 2005 to 2014; and has also served on the Executive Committee / Nominating Committee in 2005; the Governance Review Committee (alternate) in 2009; and the Meetings Committee from 2009 to 2014. At the November 2014 Global Meeting in New Delhi, India, Surinder was named TerraLex Lawyer of the Year, and was also appointed Director Emeritus.

    The networking opportunities afforded to the firm over the many years have allowed for synergies to be established and friendships to be formed with many other member firms across the globe. TerraLex is currently comprised of more than 155 top independent law firms and more than 17,000 attorneys in 100 countries. This allows TerraLex member firms, like ours, the ability to provide the legal resources and expertise needed to conduct seamless business worldwide. It is a good feeling to be able to refer work and clients to persons you like and trust.

    The significant benefit to our clients through the seamless global network of legal experts afforded by TerraLex is also indisputable. Our clients can be assured that wherever in the world they need top quality legal assistance, we can collaboratively work with our TerraLex partners (who are familiar with local laws and customs) to meet their needs.

    Therein lies the magic of TerraLex; and Higgs & Johnson remains committed to investing heavily…as with any relationship, the rewards are always greater!