03/01/2019: 4:30 pm

Of Counsel, Heather Thompson, will sit on a panel discussion entitled ‘Tax havens: is there a case for their continued existence?‘ at the International Bar Association’s (IBA) 6th Annual Asia Pacific Regional Forum and Biennial Conference: Unified Asia.

The global crackdown on tax avoidance and money laundering at both individual and corporate levels have brought about a substantial increase in disclosure in the financial world. Heather will share her views on the debate on the growing tension between the global move towards transparency and the shroud of secrecy over “tax havens”. This session will also debate the controversial position that there is no justification for maintaining “tax havens” at the cost of billions in tax losses to nations who would have otherwise been entitled to the tax. Also of interest will be a discussion on the implications of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting measures on such “tax havens”.

Heather has extensive experience in international trust and company administration giving her a unique perspective in counselling clients on the creation of trusts and ownership structures. Her practice includes wills, applications for probate, estates administration, foundations, private trust companies, issues in company law and international commercial contracts. She specializes in advising individual clients on estate planning matters.

Heather Thompson to Speak at IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum

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